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making chatbots smarter


LevelFish was founded by a team that recognises that Conversational-AI and chatbots are trained by a narrow set of humans.

Even with the best intentions, these humans were unable to reflect the amazing diversity of language that we see in the world around us.

Between us, we have over 60 years of experience in developing leading-edge technology for the mobile and chatbot industries and 15 years of experience designing and building Conversational-AI and chatbots or Natural Language Generation tools.

As we travel this journey we hope to learn and grow from team members and partnerships from diverse backgrounds and points of view. Wish us luck in our quest to change the world for the better.


How we Can Help

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NLG Datasets

We have built a library of curated data sets for NLG processes and a team of expert and diverse copywriters to create custom datasets


Design and Build Consultancy

Tap into our expertise as chatbot designers, planners and builders. 

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Feasability Study

Do you have a chatbot that is not performing, or want to know if a chatbot is right for you? Then commission a feasibility study to tell you the answers.

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