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13 Lucky tools for chatbot developers

When creating a chatbot, most companies will opt to use a word document, excel, or a simple diagram in PowerPoint. Whilst these tools can get the initial work done, getting the job done effectively is critical in reducing the time and costs of going to market with your idea.

Whether student, data scientist, subject matter expert or breaking new frontiers of communication, the following tools are necessary for envisaging your conversational services.

Chatbot Platforms


An up and coming chatbot and conversational AI platform that can create simple scripts or lay the foundation for advanced conversational systems,


Design, prototype & launch conversations across any channel.


OpenDialog provides a structured, reliable and, at the same time, flexible method to design and develop chatbots.


Script, diagram, preview, and collaborate on conversation designs all in one place.


Platform-agnostic conversation design specialists. Use NLX for designing and deploying conversational AI applications.

NOTE: NLX will provide Botmock customers with an automated converter to migrate from Botmock to NLX's platform, free onboarding support, and free Conversational AI credits.


Design, preview, test, and export conversational interfaces

Most of the above allow users to build, then export their projects as JSON and visually via

PDF. The JSON can serve as a tangible copy of your project to ingest into other platforms, and the PDF will help as a visual artefact.

If you are showing your design off as part of a project, it will look very professional. For IT and subject matter experts, Botsociety can help budget stakeholders visually see what you have in mind for an automation opportunity.

Data Generation and Enrichment Tools and Services

Over the years, our team have been creating chatbots for many sectors.

There is always the need for balanced, high quality, none biased training data. This Quality data is critical to pitching and winning business and required BEFORE you select a chatbot platform.


Being able to assemble training data quickly and cost-effectively is required for Proof of Concepts. Many large global organisations wait until pre-deployment to test their platform and often license powerful (and expensive) tools to do the job (see below).

LevelFish provides chatbot builders and subject matter experts with a firm foundation for proof-of-concept chatbot training.

LevelFish’s Google Workspace Add-on (free to download here now and no credit card up front) is the easiest way to access data amplification. Level Fish also provides a brandable excel and Google Sheet for chatbot service providers as well as API access click here for API access to NLG for websites or suggests in chatbot flow.

Crowd Sourced Data

Amazon Mechanical Terk

A high volume access to crowd workers of various skills, the data is often poor and needs a decent amount of quality filtering, but it is super cheap often in the region of $0.03 to $0.05 per phrase


To successfully deploy AI solutions, you need the right training data, and a lot of it. Partner with us to access the crowd, platform, and expertise needed to generate world-class, reliable training data at scale.


Our end-to-end data labelling process ensures that you get the results you need without the hassle. Consider us your data partner.


A Global crowdsourcing service of high quality with big clients - think MAANG companies (formally FAANG!). AI and machine learning services to help generate data sets

Testing and improving your pre-deployment and live chatbots


No matter what chatbot technology you use, Botium Box can test it. Including voice and IVR to understand users on voice channels.

With QBox you can understand your user's behaviour and gain detailed insights on how to improve and scale at speed.

As chatbots have evolved into conversational interfaces that fully lean on NLP, NLU and NLG, the maturing tools available to support a launch are highly useful.

Good luck on your journey.

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