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Warming up for success

We recently worked with chatbot developer BotForge in crafting additional intent training data for their customers. As always, great customer feedback is a real team motivator:

"Levelfish saved me a huge effort generating alternative training utterances. I don't know how they do it so fast. This service is great for generating warm-up training data when building your chatbot." – Adrian, The Botforge.

Adrian's remarks remind us of the challenges of Warm-Up data creation for new chatbots/conversational-AI. Before you reach customers, you need to prime the chatbot so that it understands most users.

The manual creation of warm-up data is expensive, so automating that process unlocks faster decision making and budgets to bring those experiences to market faster and cheaper.

Additionally, The first few weeks of a launched chatbot are when you see how the users really behave and their language. Therefore, it is critical to have the means to generate training data for any chatbot changes and iterate change quickly.

Thanks, BotForge, for the kind words, and we wish you success with your launch; and know we are here to help through the next few critical weeks and beyond.

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