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Chatbot Opportunities for Agencies

Over the years that our team have been creating chatbots across multiple verticals, there is always the need for balanced, high quality, none biased training data. This Quality data is critical to pitching and winning business.

In this blog, we are focussing on resellers/builders of chatbot platforms, be they Consulting Specialists or Digital Agencies, especially in the realm of retail chatbot experiences.

Covid, automation, lack of staff and generations accepting that chatbots and conversational interfaces are more common and often good enough (at least when they work well) are all part of the charge driving chatbot deployments across all sectors.

In this article, we are looking at the fierce competition for digital agencies and resellers and the challenge of securing clients for business folks as well as delivering services that are profitable.

The biggest challenge for business development and building a funnel is supporting buyer engagement with proof points and excitement. In order to quote fr business at scale and to help improve the odds of traction (which results in contracts), compelling demos really need to be made to show the art of the possible. Demos help buyers envisage their brand and experience - to do this takes time and money.

In order to stand out from the competition in this phase, we always go the extra mile and build a lightweight demo for qualified clients and sometimes for ones where we aren't quite sure but are willing to experiment anyway. In doing this, you engage the buyer to share their business driver, flows, functions, and objectives, as well as demonstrating a commitment to work with their business on this journey.

Just doing this helps set your business to outperform 95% of other providers and a demo/MVP literally speaks 1,000 words over a document-based proposal for work.

The critical aspect here is to be able to do things differently, engage more prospects with better pitches and ensure the cost of doing business is lower than the competition. Not an easy task!

Training data takes time and effort to assemble, check, balance and create at a level that allows an experience to be shown which demonstrates a clear understanding of the high-level brief by showing it working,

LevelFish's team boiled down this training data phase into being warm-up training data. Gather 5-10 intents and create 3-5 clean and varied seed phrases for each intent. This more or less allows one person to do this task in a short time.

Using LevelFIsh's new Google Workspace Add-on (free to download here now and no credit card upfront), we are helping agencies and resellers amplify their training data on demand to create more performant, impactful demo and MVP services to engage buyers on the buyer journey and help blow out the competition.

Because the Level Fish add-on uses advanced machine learning to generate materials in seconds, the cost and time of doing this action are negligible, and our team has benefitted from more robust, better-qualified opportunity pipelines, better buyer engagement and higher conversion to paying, longer-term customers.

Download and try LevelFish's training data amplification service right now and for free, without any commitment and be bold, be first and be different.

What does Machine Generated Training Data do for me?

Better training data means the difference between a good service and a bad service; a prospect engaged or the end that hard-won prospect dialogue.

Utterance generation can reduce training bias and build costs, making more jobs more profitable.

Agencies can also scale their businesses faster, cheaper and with less knowledge and skills required than previously to build data sets.

If you choose to improve training data in minutes, then you benefit from better accuracy chatbot understanding and which buyer prospects will like that? All of them, we suspect.

If you want to know more, get your own branded add-on, branded excel generation sheet, access our API to build our service into yours or used to know more, you can:

Download the add-on here now

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